SCATS offers a range of products and applications to help cities move smarter.

Intelligent Traffic Control System

Optimise traffic flow across cities

SCATS intelligent traffic management platform coordinates traffic signals to optimise traffic flow. More than just a way of linking traffic signals for road management coordination, SCATS is a sophisticated solution that allows for the implementation of complex, objective-oriented, traffic management strategies. Watch video.

SCATS Priority Engine (SPE)

Prioritisation of vehicles

SCATS Priority Engine (SPE) is an advanced traffic management software that has the ability to prioritise the movement of essential vehicles through traffic. SPE is a valuable tool for facilitating reliable on-time public transport, faster travel times for emergency vehicles, and efficient freight delivery, and can be configured to meet the requirements of any road network. SPE reduces the number of stops and overall travel time for essential services by providing advanced control over intersections to prioritise the movement of these vehicles. Watch video.

Universal software for smart cities

Enables precise digital intersections 

SCATS Cornerstone provides uniform digital copies of intersections, critical for the effective performance of traffic management systems, modelling applications and connected & autonomous vehicles. It facilitates the creation of an accurate digital spatial representation of intersections in a simple to use, map-based interface. For use with or without SCATS, SCATS Cornerstone ensures consistent intersection data for use by current and future ITS technologies. Watch video 

Traffic Management Applications

Customise your SCATS traffic system with a range of applications designed to the individual requirements of your city.

This bundle includes the following products: 

1. Traffic Reporter - Assists the SCATS® operators in TMC by reporting traffic volumes for any given road approach in both tabular or graphical form. This application is integrated with SCATS® and if licensed is available to the operator at any time.

2. History Viewer - Summarises general historical traffic signal operation. This information is presented through various tabular and graphical displays which could be used for traffic modelling or diagnostic purposes. It also facilitates the extraction of this data into commonly used formats that can be easily consumed by other systems.

3. Detector Counts Viewer - Summarises traffic counts captured historically at SCATS sites. This information is presented through various tabular and graphical displays which could be used for traffic modelling and diagnostics. It also facilitates the extraction of this data into commonly used formats that can be easily consumed by other systems.

4. Alarm Analyser - Is a tool that can report on a specific fault over an extended period. It produces a detailed tabulated summary that includes alarms by duration, occurrences per site and occurrences by generation time.)

5. Communications Analyser - Is used to evaluate the communications between intersections and their SCATS regions with particular emphasis on loss of communications and loss of adaptive control due to fallback. Similar to Alarm Analyser, a detailed summary is produced that includes communications uptime and adaptive uptime.

6. File Decoder - SCATS File Decoder summarises raw record data found in various binary files (DET, HST, HIST, SM, EVL formats) that are generated by SCATS. This information could be used for further analysis and diagnostics.

This bundle includes the following products: 

1. Flexilink Data Generator - SCATS Flexigen simplifies the configuration of how SCATS sites are to be coordinated when there no centralised control (Flexilink mode).

2. Link View - SCATS Link View is used to design, analyse and optimise traffic signal coordination settings. This is achieved through a time and distance graph which helps visualise how traffic will flow through coordinated sites.

3. Action Runner - SCATS Action Runner provides a simplified user interface for carrying out commonly used traffic signal management tasks. It supports: Execution of SCATS action lists, which overrides normal traffic signal operation to accommodate special events or emergencies. Execution of route pre-emption plans, which provides green lights over a particular route to allow high-priority vehicles to pass through without stopping.

4. Event Generator - The SCATS® Event Generator is a tool that allows non SCATS compliant devices in the field to generate alarms that can be used to alert Control Centre Operators.

This bundle includes the following products:

1. Congestion Server - Maintains a database of historic congestion at sites and creates an average congestion profile. This profile is then compared to the current congestion, to determine if a site is unusually congested.

2. Unusual Congestion Monitor - Displays this unusual congestion information in a graphical and tabular format.

3. Congestion History Viewer - Displays the extent of congestion as minutes of congestion for detectors graphically at a selected site or provides a detailed report for the entire system for a specified time period.

4. SCATS Alert - SCATS Alert provides a mechanism to alert a user when a particular event or combination of events occur. Alerts can be audio/visual via the user's computer.

SCATS Simulation (SCATSIM) enables cities to simulate their SCATS operation including controller behaviour to establish operational confidence prior to implementation. The Simulation Suite can be integrated with commercially available microsimulation software that provide a range of visualisations and measures of effectiveness (MOE).
A MS-Windows Application that is used to create "personalities" or configuration data for SCATS® compatible Traffic Signal Controllers (ATSC4) or System Interface Devices (SID)

ITS Developers Kit allows third parties to develop software to connect to SCATS Software. The ITS Dev Kit includes all the software, data and documentation that an ITS developer needs to start developing ITS applications that communicate with SCATS.

The SCATS ITS Developer's Kit includes the following components:

1. Sentinel Dongle device driver

2. SCATS Core server applications

3. SCATS Core client applications