SCATS products and capabilities


We are Sydney Coordinated Adaptive Traffic System (SCATS), the global leaders in intelligent traffic technology  and are owned and operated by the NSW Government. Over the past 48 years, we have been leading through innovation by building a platform to optimise traffic networks, solve global issues and transform cities into smart cities.


The SCATS Core product is an intelligent real-time traffic management platform designed to help you monitor, control, and optimise the movement of people and goods in your city. It helps you manage your road networks and ensure smooth traffic flow, prioritise different road user movements, improve road user journey times, and achieve sustainability goals by reducing emissions and energy consumption.

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SCATS Cornerstone
SCATS Cornerstone provides uniform digital copies of intersections, critical for the effective performance of traffic management systems, modelling applications and connected & autonomous vehicles.

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SCATS Priority Engine

SCATS Priority Engine (SPE) offers advanced traffic management for signalised intersections. SPE can be configured for any road network to prioritise the movement of essential vehicles through traffic, reducing travel time for emergency and freight vehicles, and facilitating more reliable on-time public transport.

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SCATS Suite of Applications
Customise your SCATS capabilities with a range of applications tailored to your city’s needs. These include data, reporting and simulation tools and third-party integration apps to help you know and control your network.
The Future of SCATS
Experience world-leading innovation in Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) solutions with the future of SCATS.  Our focus is on putting you at the centre of everything we do. That's why our platform is designed to give you access to cutting-edge information and help you stay ahead of traffic management technology.
Roadmap portal

The live portal is designed to keep you updated on new products and features we are creating as we develop them.
It also lets you view our product plans, explore features and trials, and allows you to provide candid feedback in real-time.

Whether you’re interested in upcoming releases or want to learn more, the SCATS Portfolio Roadmap Portal has everything you need to stay in the loop.