SCATS Partner Network

The SCATS partner network supports the SCATS Venture and its customers to move people and goods in a safe, sustainable, and efficient way. Our solutions are critical to a complex ecosystem of software applications, hardware, sensors, data, and research. Together with our partners, we enable sophisticated transport solutions for our customers.

Current partners
See below the list of our current partners including hardware and thought leadership.
Why become a SCATS partner
As a SCATS Partner, you will be able to help customers take full advantage of what SCATS has to offer and accelerate customers’ deployment of intelligent transport solutions. SCATS partners benefit from experience gathered through deployments at more than 63,000 intersections across 216 cities, helping you expand your customer base and identify new opportunities.
How to partner with us

Whether you represent an established business, an innovative start-up, a research organisation, or a government agency, you will find opportunities to align with SCATS to provide customer value. Enquire today to discover our digital transport corridor mobility solutions, and how you can be at the forefront of shaping tomorrow’s smart city.