Discover how SCATS revolutionises your traffic management solutions with a comprehensive suite of services. From our network of authorized distributors offering specialised capabilities to our in-house customer solutions engineering division, equipped with extensive domain expertise, we ensure unparalleled support. Explore our diverse range of services below:
SCATS Health Check

SCATS Health Check: Our team of experienced consultants is dedicated to evaluating the current state of your SCATS System and providing strategic insights for future optimization.

This service includes:

  • Comprehensive Assessment
  • Identifying opportunities for performance optimization
  • Identifying potential solutions


  • Optimized Efficiency: Unlock the full potential of your SCATS system for improved traffic management and control.
  • Cost Savings: Identify and address inefficiencies to maximize the value of your technology investment.
  • Enhanced Reliability: Ensure the reliability and responsiveness of your SCATS system for real-time traffic management.
  • Future-Proofing: Stay ahead of industry trends with recommendations for future updates and enhancements.
SCATS Configuration Support

SCATS Configuration Support: Our SCATS Configuration Support service offers assistance with various aspects of SCATS configuration. This includes addressing general inquiries about SCATS configuration, configuring SCATS controller personalities, and providing support for traffic modelling with SCATS.


Our professional services can assist you with:

  • Configuring your SCATS deployment to best meet your traffic control needs.
  • Reviewing your existing SCATS traffic control configuration, including any issues or concerns you have, so that we can provide recommendations based on best practices.
  • Ensuring that your SCATS controller personality configuration is suitable and appropriate to work as expected with SCATS. This includes adhering to standards and handling special cases.
  • Verifying that your SCATS Priority Engine (SPE) configuration is compatible with your SCATS deployment and SCATS controller configuration.
  • Ensuring that your SCATS Priority Engine (SPE) configuration is appropriate for your vehicle priority needs.
  • Deploying and configuring a traffic model using SCATSIM with WinTRAFF Simulation and Simulation Hub. We can assist you in connecting to any SCATS-compatible traffic microsimulation package.
  • Helping you plan, implement, and support your SCATS deployment configuration according to your specific needs.
Customer Solution Consultancy

Customer Solution Consultancy: Our Customer Solutions Consultancy service offers you the opportunity to speak with a member of our dedicated team to inquire about your traffic management solution needs for current or future projects. Our team will highlight and showcase the traffic management solutions necessary to develop your smart cities solutions.

Solution support tailored to the requirements of your project is available at an hourly or day rate.

Our services include:

  • Solution Consultancy
  • Product Integration Support
  • Implementation Support Services
Incident as a Service (IaaS)
Incident as a Service: Our 'Incident as a Service' is a specialized offering tailored to tackle intricate challenges that require dedicated attention and expertise. Structured with a standard 5-day engagement, this service offers flexibility through hourly blocks, ensuring a thorough investigation into your specific problem.