SCATS Solutions

Intelligent real-time traffic management for today's and tomorrow's challenges

Move smarter with SCATS

SCATS is an intelligent real-time traffic management platform that monitors, controls, and optimises the movement of people and goods in cities. SCATS enables cities to: 

Dynamically manage their road network in all conditions to keep traffic flowing

Prioritise and optimise movements for different road users

Improve road user safety 

Achieve sustainability goals by lowering emissions and reducing energy consumption

SCATS has a proven track record of results with future-proof functionality:

Smart collection of spatial and real-time data and insights

Best-in-market intelligent algorithms

Non-intrusive detection technology

Modular and flexible, and in step with cities traffic and planning needs

Cities around the globe face growing challenges in the management of their transportation networks. SCATS supports cities to:

Manage capacity with increasing traffic volumes
Be aware and proactive in response to changing network conditions and events
Balance different road users’ mobility needs
Create more liveable, sustainable, and safer cities
Key benefits
Save time for road users and improved traffic flow and less stops
Save money through increased road user productivity and reduced traffic management costs
Save energy with lower fuel consumption and fewer emissions
Save lives with technology that make roads safer
Key Stats
SCATS has over 45 years of experience and proven to deliver on average:
Installed 63,000 intersections across 216 cities and 32 countries

28% Reduction in travel time

25% reduction in stops
12% reduction in fuel consumption
15% reduction in emissions

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